New betting scandal, referred Sampdoria, Torino, Udinese, Siena and Bologna

ROME – Udinese, Bologna, Sampdoria, Siena and Torino have been referred to the Commission by federal prosecutors to disciplinary liability, in the investigation on football betting.

The five teams, currently in Serie A, had been forwarded to the facts alleged in their members. Also for liability, were referred Albinoleffe, Ancona, Bari, Novara and Varese, who played in the lower divisions.

Football and Last Bet: The importance of good example

Bet365 the last case in chronological order that has engulfed the fans, Calciopoli, has resulted in a stalemate which followed the triumph of Italy in the World Cup in Germany, after five years, a new scandal, “Last Bet” returns voice to critics of the football world

Both the Series A and the minor leagues of professional football in Italy, have been overwhelmed by the scandal created by some players that distorted the results of matches in order to obtain substantial gains.

In the midst of the fuss, stands the figure of Simone Farina, a player of Gubbio that, having refused to manipulate the Italian Cup match of their team against Gubbio, denounced the attempted bribery perpetrated by former football player Alessandro Zamperini, earning, as a just reward, a summons in the National coach Prandelli.

But the doubts of many, sometimes spending substantial amounts of money and making huge sacrifices, followed with trepidation the story of his “favorite team”.

Finally, I have to ask how these football players are unaware of the vast audience of children as well as adults, who follow them and for which they constitute an example of behaviour.