Before winning technique for live betting

To win from Bet-at-home live betting options you must own intuition and sense of the advance, just like the Fabio Cannavaro of better times. Understanding the emotional changes and the different situations of the game will allow you to understand what is going to happen in the match.

You place a bet on a balanced game without relevant actions and during which you seem pretty obvious that neither team can make a difference. In the future, expect a draw. Suddenly, however, the key defender of the “A” team is ejected

Second technique of winning for live betting

The second technique allows to increase the reliability of your live bets and reduce to a minimum the random factor, which usually makes the difference. This technique is to take advantage of the type of Bet at Home cheapest available between live bets.

How to apply the technique on live betting?

Winning bets on the number of goals during a match knockout in which a single goal difference separates the two formations. Betting on another goal all:

The team at a disadvantage scores a goal and equalized;
The ball in the fast break to score a winning and closes the game. Usually in the starting of the football team at a disadvantage it turns out to score: sometimes it does, Bet at Home sometimes instead of cashing in on the break the other team’s goal that ended the speech qualification.

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Promote Unibet

Unibet was founded in 1997 in Sweden and is one of the largest privately owned gambling operators in the European market, with over 7 million customers in more than 100 countries, providing services in 27 languages.

The affiliate program promotes the opening of accounts receivable on the site Unibet. The remuneration paid varies depending on the product:

  • 42 Euro for betting on first deposit
  • 55 Euro for all first deposits of Casino, Live Casino and Slot Machine

Why choose to promote the program Unibet?

  • high rates of deposit. maintains a very high rate of conversion between accounts opened and deposits made by allowing publishers to higher earnings on quality traffic.
  • innovative bonus system

In fact, the bonus is released NOW account once the deposit and immediately expendable!The bonus is worth up to 300 Euros on Casino, Live Casino and Slot Machine, and up to 100 Euro for sports betting (with a ratio of 100 % of the value deposited). The bonus can be used on ALL products by (with the exception of poker), so that the money obtained through a casino bonuses are also expendable to place sports bets

  • effective CRM program to increase the rate of the first deposit. Unibet operates several programs to reactivate users who opened the account, without having performed the first deposit, as well as to increase the deposition rate of the publisher.
  • promotions and contests periodically to maintain a high rate of interest of new customers to Unibet
  • a payment system that includes the most important monetary circuits used various online payment systems as well as the mode of payment and bank transfer by telephone with the assistance service to the customer.
  • View real-time performance generated without delay.

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New betting scandal, referred Sampdoria, Torino, Udinese, Siena and Bologna

ROME – Udinese, Bologna, Sampdoria, Siena and Torino have been referred to the Commission by federal prosecutors to disciplinary liability, in the investigation on football betting.

The five teams, currently in Serie A, had been forwarded to the facts alleged in their members. Also for liability, were referred Albinoleffe, Ancona, Bari, Novara and Varese, who played in the lower divisions.

Football and Last Bet: The importance of good example

Bet365 the last case in chronological order that has engulfed the fans, Calciopoli, has resulted in a stalemate which followed the triumph of Italy in the World Cup in Germany, after five years, a new scandal, “Last Bet” returns voice to critics of the football world

Both the Series A and the minor leagues of professional football in Italy, have been overwhelmed by the scandal created by some players that distorted the results of matches in order to obtain substantial gains.

In the midst of the fuss, stands the figure of Simone Farina, a player of Gubbio that, having refused to manipulate the Italian Cup match of their team against Gubbio, denounced the attempted bribery perpetrated by former football player Alessandro Zamperini, earning, as a just reward, a summons in the National coach Prandelli.

But the doubts of many, sometimes spending substantial amounts of money and making huge sacrifices, followed with trepidation the story of his “favorite team”.

Finally, I have to ask how these football players are unaware of the vast audience of children as well as adults, who follow them and for which they constitute an example of behaviour.

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